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Friday, April 15, 2011

Old Interviews of BOTDF!!

Interview with Hot Topic..etc 

Hot Topic: Who the hell are you and what do you do?
> Blood on the Dance Floor: Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe are Blood
> on the Dance Floor and we are the fans band!
> Hot Topic: How long has the band been around? How did it start?
> Blood on the Dance Floor: BOTDF has been causing love and destruction
> since 2007. Once upon a time there was a boy named Dahvie Vanity. And
> one day he decided he wanted to create something amazing, that no one
> had ever done before. And he wrote a song about lust. But not just any
> song, a building block for the crazy world he was building for all of
> us. And then he met his match, his missing piece. Everything he could
> ask for, a sick ghoul named Jayy Von Monroe. INSTANTLY! It took off.
> FAST! HARD! And huge. And they together made the frankenslut monster
> of today... and that is the story of BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR.
> Hot Topic: Where did the name come from?
> Blood on the Dance Floor: My old keyboard player originally came up
> with our band name. At first our name was LOVE THE FASHION but somehow
> BOTDF suited us more. You can say it was the name that changed
> everything. It was like home for us. :)
> Hot Topic: So what makes you stand out from all the other electro pop acts?
> Blood on the Dance Floor: First off, BOTDF is probably one of the most
> innovative bands out there. Notice I didn't label us with a genre? We
> draw inspiration from ALL types of music [like]
> techno/trance/hip-hop/pop/rap and even metal/rock. And well, have you
> SEEN our live show? I promise you won't see another one like it.
> Hot Topic: What was the best/worst show you ever played?
> Blood on the Dance Floor: Best or worst, it doesn’t matter to us. We
> play with just as much heart to a crowd of 5 as we do to 5,000.
> Hot Topic: If you could tour with any one band past or present, who and why?
> Blood on the Dance Floor: Our dream band to tour with would be MSI.
> They are JUST as crazy and obscene as we are.
> Hot Topic: Any advice for people just starting out?
> Blood on the Dance Floor: Devote your life to the fans and remember to
> be honest and respect every single body around you. Kill your ego and
> be a hero! And know it's never about the money or the fame. It's all
> about the music! Oh and get a GREAT brand merchandising company behind
> your band, like Star Machine. :)
> 2. What Does the name blood on the dance floor mean? some influences?
> The name wa given to me by an old friend named chris mongillo . It was
> taking dance music to a new direction/entirely new level. Our
> influences come from various culturs and ideas. We never really try to
> limit ourselves or be a single category. The music is unlimited you
> are untouchable. And you you become even more compelling as a mystery
> play.
> What are you favorite bands?
> My favorite bands are Blink 182, The Cure and Crystal Castles.
> In his album the "EPIC" were enough changes in comparison to there
> last album do we have the same with "ALL THE RAGE" ?
> Each album will be different.I know that "ALL THE RAGE" will represent
> multiple meanings rather than one. This new album is unique in that
> each song will hold a truth but not that is commonly thought. He has a
> deep meaning and value. Im really excited to work and try new vocal
> arrangements of this album, and we have new keyboards in the mix so
> will be experimentng with new sounds nd new styles of writing.
> Honestly we have involoved into something new and different and i'm
> very excited to unleash it. Mark my words. will be the greatest yet
> and we will suprass the expectatons of eveyone. I'm putting my entire
> being including in my heart,soul, and every drop of blood on this one.
> Over the next few tours, Brazil will be on the list?
> Brazil is the Number1 on our list for the tours ahead. I swea it will
> happen in 2011.
> We heard rumors that the single "The Loving Dead" will have a music
> video, right?
> To clarif the rumors about "The Loving Dead" rumors are true and we
> are recording video for sexting and two other videos from the new
> album.
> BOTDF many fans are also fans of Jeffree Star, after his recent
> discussion with him there is more chances of you two being friends
> again?
> If someone went to your school an told your friends something you're
> not really you'd be fine with that?!
> And by the end of our interview,tell us what the SGTC means for the band.
> The SGTC is my FAMILY!!! And my family is everything!
> 3.I had an opportunity to interview Vanity recently.
> You're from Florida?
> Actually, I was born in North Carolina.
> Oh, why'd you move?
> When I was a wee child, my family decided to move to an area that was
> developed. I grew up really poor in a trailer, so moving to Florida
> was like a new beginning. You know like back in the day when you're in
> Europe and people were like, go to America -- it's like the Promised
> Land. So it was kind of like that when we moved to Orlando.
> How do you make your music?
> It all starts with a concept, you know. I'll sit down. Um, I'll be in
> my room. I'll sit by my computer where I have a little notepad. I'll
> sit there and I'll just think of things.
> For instance, there's this song called "You're A Dancer, Not A Lover"
> and that came from a dream. That, that whole entire song came from a
> dream. A real mystic dream. The first dream in my life that I was able
> to capture in a song. I mean from the beginning of the dream, to the
> end of the dream. Every detail. It's the only dream I could remember
> so much and I was moved by it, so I ended up writing the song "You're
> A Dancer, Not A Lover."
> Every song has a story. Every song has some sort of inspiration to it.
> Some point in my life that inspired me for the song.
> What do your parents think about your music?
> My Mom hates it. My Dad likes it actually. He's like: "It is cool."
> Hahaa. But my Mom, she likes the beat. She just doesn't like bad
> words. But the thing is, we live in a different age. A different time.
> You know, it's more acceptable and stuff like that.
> Why the infatuation with aesthetics -- beauty and pretty things?
> Well, it's kind of like an art canvas. You can leave it blank, or you
> can decorate it and make it your own. Your own personal image. Your
> heart. Or your creativity. I was blessed with the knowledge of knowing
> how to apply makeup and understand how hair products work. A lot of
> people don't understand it. It's like art. Some people get it, some
> people don't. Same thing applies to beauty. You can be surprised at
> how much you can change your face, or how you can change your image
> with a haircut or color. And yeah, people have a problem with it. I
> mean, you shouldn't have to explain who you are. Be yourself. Be
> positive. Chase your dreams. We all have dreams.
> Before I ask the last question, what do you want to say to your fans?
> XOXOX, love to all my fans. Hearts hearts hearts everywhere ... Um,
> just I love everybody.
> What color is your toothbrush?
> Pink. And I have a turquoise brush. I have two. One for traveling and
> one at my house.
> Is it electric?
> No! I have those really soft ones. The ones that don't hurt your gums.
> I brush really hard, so yeah the dentist is like "you need a soft
> toothbrush man. You're just going to like kill your gums." I'm like
> '"okay"! I have a big children's soft one. (*THIS IS WHEN GARRETT WAS
> THERE!*)
> 4.(*THIS IS JUST THE STORY BEHIND MG&MC!*) The concept and story
> behind My Gift & My Curse…(READ!)
> Current mood:accomplished
> The concept and story behind My Gift & My Curse…
> This song that I wrote isn't your typical song. I wanted to capture
> what I'm going through in my life. Just like any super hero with great
> powers comes great responsibilities. And being a front man to a very
> controversial music group really came with a lot of responsibilities.
> The power we have over people is incredible but should never be used
> for evil. This year has been yet another trial of backlash through
> rumors and gossip in attempts to destroy this amazing movement. It
> made me grow sad to know people would try to destroy something that
> helps others save lives and create a positive message. Yeah some of
> our songs are obscene but life can be obscene. I'm just the kind of
> person that has the balls to say whatever I want to say. It is my gift
> and my curse. But no matter what I never gave in to the false
> accusations made against us. I kept my faith strong and knew the truth
> can out weigh any evil against us.
> People are afraid of what they can't kill.. Remember that! Because
> it's the fucking truth. I made a lot of changes to my life to protect
> my honor and embrace my dreams. I will never let fake bull shit
> against me and my movement ever stop me. And what's funny is how
> people use rumors against us. They think it's our kryptonite. But in
> reality you can't destroy the HERO. In the end our justice will
> prevail and we stand un affected. We are the fans band. Devoted to the
> people who made us what we are and defenders of the absolute truth.
> You can talk your motherfucking shit bitches but remember haha your
> only making me famous. When you say my name I hope it gives you hell.
> Thank you All American Rejects for that song. In the end we stand
> undeafeted. And if someone tries to stop us they better be in for a
> fucking war. Because When I bite I bite like a wolf an never let go.
> It will be the biggest battle you ever took on buddy! I promise you
> that ;"p
> This song describes my life through the music industry and as a true
> hero to the people who are different….. Look! It's okay to be a little
> messed up and weird. We all are. And if someone says no to that well
> there lying to themselves. I don't give a fuck anymore. I'm going to
> live my dreams and no one's gonna stop me.
> I'm not perfect and I can't change the way I am but If I offended you
> good because I still don't give a fuck -Eminem
> The music industry is a cut throat fucked up soulless world where
> people see the dollar signs and will throw you in front of a bus to
> gain fame. It's not anything what you think it is but if you do it for
> the music and you do it for love than your doing the absolute right
> thing. Just know you will be hated for it. People will do anything to
> take a piece from you.. If being in this world truly is what you want
> than remember it's your gift and your curse. They would kill to see
> you faill.. Keep your head up! And never ever give in or sell your
> soul.
> Cuz no soul has a price!
> And be ready for knifes through your back..
> friends an fans turning on you…
> Rumors to try and ruin your career..
> and managers stealing your money..
> Groupies taking advantage of you
> and police and church groups trying to pin you for anything just to
> get you off the streets quickly and make you look like a lose cannon
> or a menace to society.
> Best said by Oliver Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon.
> Floor, also known as BOTDF, is an Electronica/Power Pop band
> originated in Orlando, Florida. Wonderful Life clothing is proud to
> have them as part of the family, so we sat down with them recently to
> learn a bit more about the band.
> How did the Blood on the Dance Floor get started?
> Take a little bit of David Bowies glam mix it up with electronic
> obscenity’s and you got the perfect formula for love and destruction.
> With this theory we embarked on a journey that would captivate the
> world and become an escape for the youth. We started with a dream and
> eventually this dream became a wonderful reality for all of us. Music
> is my escape and when life gets you down I want my words to lift
> people up. Whether it’s obscene or sweet.. We need a band dedicated to
> the fans and that’s what we are.
> You’re currently working on your third full length, titled “Epic”.
> How’s the recording process going? Anything that might surprise your
> fans?
> Epic is completed. Right now we’re putting all the pieces together for
> the most ultra intense masterpiece ever released by BOTDF. I’ve been
> working on EPIC for 2 years and it’s finally completed. Originally the
> album was going to be called OMFG but as time progressed this album
> became more than just a phrase. It became EPIC .. Meaning surpassing
> the ordinary so we felt the title fit the music. EPIC is taking Blood
> On The Dance Floor to a whole new level never imagined. Our vocals
> sound a zillion times better and the music hits harder than ever
> before. We’re so excited to release this. The official release date is
> NOVEMBER 2ND 2010 and we’re also doing 2 music videos before the
> release. November 2nd witness the revolution to this dreary world!!!!
> You’re about to embark on a huge tour w/ Jeffrey Star. He’s also
> helped out on some of your songs. How did you guys become friends?
> J Star and Vanity go way back. We did a show together and met and had
> such a sweet time. Eventually our manager got a hold of Jeffree and he
> gave him the idea of collaborating with us. J Star loved the idea so
> much he personally contacted us and we made our fans dreams come true
> by releasing a hit single by the name of INJECT ME SWEETLY. Working
> with Jeffree in the studio was so much fun and Jeffree brings a lot of
> astonishing ideas to the table. In the music world Jeffree Star and
> BOTDF are the sweet teams to work together and give the fans what they
> want. A good fucking time and an endless a ray of memories
> Do you plan on performing alot of your new material on this tour?
> On the 2 drunk 2 fuck tour, with Jeffrey Star and Brokencyde, we’ll be
> playing some newies and oldies. That way our fans can enjoy the new
> epic revolution and get to hear some of the past songs that made us
> who we are.
> When you’re on the road, what do you guys do in your downtime?
> Finding adventures and living it up. I love watching movies or playing
> my PSP and Jayy usually sleeps and rocks out to music. It’s fun having
> Jayy on tour because he will scream at people in public and it’s the
> funniest thing I’ve ever seen. We do a lot of writing on the road as
> well. So on this tour will be working on a new EP dedicated to our
> fans before we release Epic. We always want our fans to be excited and
> constantly make new music for them.
> The Blood on the Dance floor fans are really loyal. How do you connect
> with them?
> We connect by thanking them in our songs. By giving them hope with
> positive meanings and putting them first over everything. We’re not a
> band, we’re a movement and granting our fans wishes fills our gigantic
> hearts with joy. We started an elite group called the SLASH GASH
> TERROR CREW (Our fan army) This group is a unity of the love for BOTDF
> and a place where we all belong and can be accepted. Creating an army
> and kicking ass is so much fun and feels good. We’re giving people
> hope to reach there dreams and a home metaphorically speaking.
> What was the best show you guys ever played?
> Emerson Theater Indianapolis. Having one thousand fans singing every
> song made my jaw drop. I have never been so proud of anything until I
> witnessed that show. That’s when I knew we were destined for such
> great heights.
> If you weren’t in BOTDF, what kind of jobs do you think you’d be doing?
> Funny enough ; Dahvie & Jayy Have more in common than you think. We
> BOTH did hair & makeup before BOTDF,and if we were NOT so blessed, we
> would still be doing that today, I’m sure.


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