Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blood On The Dance Floor Interview With "THE LIST"

The LIST: How'd you get into Music? What's your story?
Blood on the Dance FloorMusic. My favorite escape and getaway. I first got into music when I was 15 I remember watching bands such as Marilyn Manson And NIN that really motivated me to become a musician. I wanted to be apart of that creative freedom and expression. I was born in good ole Fort Bragg North Carolina with two amazing wonderful parents. I was a military brat and both of my parents served in the U.S. military. My parents moved to Florida when I was 5 to pursue there dreams after the military and I was raised in Orlando FL for 20 years. Blood On The Dance Floor came from my producer Christopher Mongillo. Originally the band name was "LOVE THE FASHION" But everyone felt BOTDF fit the description of our music perfectly.

Music was always the easiest way to express my true emotions. I grew up in a very Christan household where acceptance was scarce and metal was even more so. I grew up on guitar solos and depeche mode. I love industrial,and 80's goth. I'm from the hood of Jacksonville Florida. Home is home and ill always claim it.

The LIST: Who are some of your influences?
Blood on the Dance FloorBob Marley is one of my biggest influences. His perspective on life and using music as his weapon really inspired me on our latest album "ALL THE RAGE!" which comes out this summer. Music is a very powerful force that should be used only for good and it comes with such a great responsibility. He taught me to accept love and to use music as a uniting force rather than create division or hate.

The LIST: What have you been up to recently? Get your brag on.
Blood on the Dance FloorWe got some huge things in the works for sure. First we are doing a music video for "Bewitched" One of the newest singles off "ALL THE RAGE!" which has a very gripping and movie quality storyline to it that will be featured on FUSE. Also we are working with New Line Cinemas and doing a behind the scenes documentary while we go on the vans warped tour 2011 showcasing the battles and taking a step in our shoes for a day. That's gonna be really interesting to show the world the back stage chaos of BOTDF and also we are releasing "ALL THE RAGE!" on our very own without a major to major retailers. I feel like what we're doing is super innovative and definitely a step forward to the future of music. Bands and movements alike will soon learn its better to do it on your own. At the end of the day it's not about being a rock star it's about making music for the people. The better we stop and take a look around and realize we are all the same the better the human race will be.

The LIST: What do you bring to the industry?
Blood on the Dance FloorBlood on the dance floor has made it's own genre of music, since it's beginning, and is ever evolving into something new. Botdf brings to the industry a breath of fresh air, a new look, a new sound, and a new perspective on music as an art, hobby, and career. Aside from not being your typical band, botdf is leaving it's mark around the world with their mind blowing theatrical live shows.

The LIST: What's next for Blood on the Dance Floor? 
Blood on the Dance FloorSame thing we always do. Try to save the world! It's a lot of work but you don't need a cape to be a super hero. I'd love to give a shout out to THE LIST! Thank you for doing this interview with us and giving us a chance to voice our side. I love to thank our fans who have supported us and been with us since the very beginning. We love you x infinity and beyond. Got nothing but absolute heavy love for you guys. Shout out to Matt Gondeck who is a true awesome inspiring artist on the rise. And my prayers go out to Japan. We are in the process of creating a shirt to donate the proceeds to rebuilding Japan and helping them end there grief. Alt apparel & aphotic crypt whose been with us since the beginning. We love you Debbie! And to anyone we didn't mention we send our love to every spot on the universe. Embrace your dreams and protect your honor!



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