Thursday, June 2, 2011


All The Rage Song Lyrics In Order~

Dark Dreams:
Left to help you my view is that these dreams are meant to help in terms of
dealing with materaling yourselves so that you can become clear
its one thing to say that i had a nightmare
and i was upset by it and thank god this is only a dream
its another thing to say ok i had this nightmare and i've been chased by
this dark man in a dark mask to be able to turn around and say who is
this man to look back in your life and say who is this man is this my father
is this my uncle

Find Your Way:
rage i'll be the one race two colors and two diffrent shades
my skin the color green no room to breathe just stay the fuck away
so why can't you keep your mouth shut if you have nothing to say
i dont get what the big deal is with everyone and there hate
i wish it was a closed fist the wrong thing to say im only here for today
i heard the world may be saved i got my crew i got the truth all i need is
my cue (you dont need)

Happy Violentines Day:

Started in love, Ended in death
Your pretty eyes are in a daze, No expression on your face
No screaming, No breathing, Just you pleading, Oh my God I think she's bleeding!
One more time for the broken hearted
Two more times, For my dearly departed
Three time whore, Cupid's coming for you
Down, Down, Down, Na na na na na naa

little witch, you're beautiful
Your wickedness, little witch, it broke my heart
Enchanting words, little witch, you cast a spell
Masked destroyer, little witch, my beautiful apocalypse
You've got me bewitched 'cause I'm under your spell, oh

place for escape where we can be free a place we live in harmony
oblivious no hatred is what you'll find my friend this is the message
you and your suffering nirvana oh baby where you wanna
come end your suffering nirvana awaken your energy
where you wanna never thought you had control

All The Rage!:
no hating my face is just so yesterday
im cut cut cutting edge sharpens up the blades
slice slice slice you up i am all the rage!
knock knock im on the top no no you'll never stop
try to stop us such a feat your chest will rupture bleed
when i take my ride welcome to my life my own
little kingdom is yours to gain it was more then i shout

gone away where we from little bitches better run
we own these streets we own this sound pop pop pop you with your gones
got my posse were a team i can get nasty real mean
from this show we'll run you down look motherfucker this is ours
loose lips sink ships you cant touch this whats it to you
our ride looks for you loose lips sink ships you cant touch this
whats it to you im coming for you

X X 3:
aint no plans aint noone gonna stop us
i see the look in her eyes i can see that she wants it
x times 3 were getting undressed body against me
hips can sweat x times 3 come move with me
i want your love come on move your body
can you feel it on the edge of your seat
can you feel it insert yourself to the beat
i wanna see you dance i wanna see you dance
put your hands up

like it's my last day to be alive
tonight tonight I don't have to fight for my right
cause everybody know's I live for the rave
But I do need a longer string from my kite
cause everybody knows I'm high all day
I'm high on life cause music's what I breathe
Party party everyday all week
P.L.U.R. is what I stand for
Cause out on the floor no one can judge me
dont judge me just love me im not a criminal
im innocent so come and set me free choose ecstasy.

Star Power:
your powers are weak when you go against me you better recognize
and you better look twice tell you in the woods that your gonna die
you will never find another one of our kind better machine
helps us in design super power monster flowers to the sky (Beyond)
course clear winning cheer my star power incredibly invincible
knocking bitches out the way watch them as they replay my star power
incredibly invincible knocking bitches out the way.

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